©2009 Dilyla’s Designs - Duplication Prohibited Mark (in this case... MASK) my words ... these word masks cover sports, holidays, special occasions, babies, etc. Use over a photo alone, combine with a solid color, and/or video for different effects. 101 word masks included. Producer only. A-Z monogrammed waxseals in greyscale. Can be colorized/tinted any color in Producer, or use your 3rd party graphics editor to adjust the hue & saturation. Static graphics for Producer or Gold. See-through acrylic shapes give your photos a little more dimension. Included are 15 “glass” shapes and coordinating masks (30 total graphics). Producer only. This acrylic alphabet contains the uppercase letters A to Z, the numbers 0-9, plus all the masks to enable layering over any photo. Great for titles. May be used alone or layered over solid colors, gradients, video or other graphics. Producer only. $   9.99 $   14.99 $   3.99 $   9.99 ACRYLIC ALPHA (A-Z/0-9) ACRYLIC SHAPES MONOGRAM WAXSEALS MASK MY WORDS Templates, Animations, Motion Backgrounds, Shows, Masks, AniMasks, Graphics & Styles for Photodex’s Proshow Producer and Proshow Gold Click the description’s thumbnail to load its sample show. The player will appear below. You must have Flash installed to view. View Add-ons with Specific Theme: View Other Proshow Add-ons: