©2009 Dilyla’s Designs - Duplication Prohibited Black & white flourish AniMask used as is on dark backgrounds, or used as masks layered over graphics, solid colors, or video for interesting effects. Requires Lagarith video codec (info in download). NTSC. Producer only. An AniMask flourish of an ampersand. NTSC. The Lagarith video codec must be installed before the file can be used (info in download.) Producer only. AniMask mock transition of a curtain opening to show second photo. 4x3 and 16x9. WMV2 Video. Producer only. Rays of light sweep from bottom left to upper right. Mask with a solid white over any photo. Shows best over a dark contrast photo. 4x3 and 16x9. NTSC. Producer only. We call these “mock transitions” to fill a often-requested void in the transitions provided with Producer. This contains 42 geometric transitions. Requires the Lagarith video codec (info in download). Will work in 4x3 or 16x9. NTSC. Producer only. MOCK TRANS - GEOM VOL 1 $   14.99 $   3.99 $   3.99 $   3.99 $   3.99 LIGHT SWEEP MASK CURTAIN TRANSITION FLOURISH #9 FLOURISH #6 Templates, Animations, Motion Backgrounds, Shows, Masks, AniMasks, Graphics & Styles for Photodex’s Proshow Producer and Proshow Gold Click the description’s thumbnail to load its sample show. The player will appear below. You must have Flash installed to view. View Add-ons with Specific Theme: View Other Proshow Add-ons: